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5. Rules

The 2011 Moonbots Competition (Moonbots 2.0) is conducted in two phases.   In the first phase, teams have to produce and submit a 4-minute Video Essay and a 1-page Funding Proposal. The top 20 teams from Phase I advance to the second phase where they have to design and build a Lego Mindstorms robot to fulfill specific missions.  The Moonbots 2.0 competition has a number of rules, that need to be read and internalized by all members of the team.  While is it best to read them all yourself, highlights are set forth below. The official rules have numerous formatting and numbering errors.  You can find a corrected version (reflecting what the rules probably are) under the resources page.
Team:             3-5 children, ages 9-17
Captain:       Adult, over 18
Format:         Two Phases
Deadlines:     Phase I - June 26, 2011 
                   Phase II - Aug. 19, 2011
Phase I :    Video Essay (4 minutes max)
                 Funding Proposal (1-page max)
                 Team Photo
                 Team Logo
                 Team Name
                 Team Website/Blog

Phase II:     CAD Design
                 Blog or Video Blog
                 STEM Outreach Project
                 STEM Outreach Demo
                 Mission Video

Limits on Electrical Components

  • 1 NXT Controller (Brick)

  • Unlimited Motors/Rotation Sensors

  • Unlimited Touch Sensors

  • Unlimited Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Unlimited Light Sensors

  • Unlimited LEGO Sensors

  • Unlimited Hi-Technic Sensors

  • Unlimited Codatex Sensors