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Jwalika Balaji - Robots In Daily Life

posted Aug 17, 2011, 8:46 PM by Anant Narayanan
Nowadays, the world consists mostly of human beings. But, after 10 or 20 years, there will be robots to assist us. Robots can be a major help in daily duties.

For example, an engineer named Aoron Edsinger from MIT Humanoid Robotics group, has invented a robot named Domo. He said “the motivation is to assist people ind aily duties, everyday life and household chores”. Domo has cameras inside his eyes which enable it to see. It has been taught to pick up things and put them in their original places. Domo is programmed in such a way that if anything has fallen down, the robot can actually bend to pick it up. Eventually, researchers are trying to find Domo a home. So robots can help humans in household chores.

Other engineers are trying to make robots that help in space travel, agriculture and assisting humans. People are also trying to teach robots emotions such as hot, cold, pain and affection. This could be very useful indeed because if a robot can develop emotions, it can also sense emotions in other people and help them. 

In a house, there are vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers. These electronic devices can be attached to a robot  and become a single piece. The robot can handle these devices by itself and prevent additional work for humans. Humans on the other hand, should not misuse robots. Thus I conclude by saying that robots could be extremely useful in our daily life.

Jwalika is a sixth grader at the Vana Vani Matriculation School in Chennai, India