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Stardate 2011.07.20 (Wednesday) - Initial Testing

posted Aug 17, 2011, 6:23 PM by Anant Narayanan

Although we wanted to try the independent suspension system used by the Barcelona Moon Team, we reluctantly came to the conclusion that the rigid quad-track system would work better on the Moonbots 2.0 landscape.  We also did not have enough time to design a balanced set of attachment points for the wheels system if we had used the BMT approach for the rover.  Perhaps the BMT approach would work better with smaller terrain impediments.

We also build a model of the initial rover design using LDD.  Minyoung found that he had a natural talent for using LDD, but the coach made everyone take turns so that everyone would adequately learn this skill.  Gabriel and Minyoung also realized that LEGO Universe could be quite interesting especially when there was hard work to be done.

We discovered that the most efficient way to build a model in LDD was not the same as how one would put together a practical model.  There is no gravity in LDD – so one can put together all the beams in a desired pattern before putting in the hinge pins.  The program’s built-in building instruction generator does not factor in gravity.  It would thus be ideal for space applications.