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Stardate 2011.07.18 (Monday) - Rover Assembly and Integration

posted Aug 17, 2011, 6:16 PM by Anant Narayanan

This is our first and last week of full day work.  Rohit and Minyoung started around 9:30 AM.  Gabriel joined them shortly thereafter.  He had come back on Sunday evening from Ocean City and spent the night with his grandparents in McLean. 

Rohit:       On Monday, we started to build.  And the coach started a fun Moonbots tradition, taking all the kids to a restaurant for lunch.  Mr. Narayanan said we all worked so hard that we needed a break at lunch to keep going.  Today we went to The Olive Garden for lunch.  I had my usual cheese pizza, salad, breadsticks, lemonade and lemon cake for dessert; Gabriel had two glasses of chocolate milk, macaroni and cheese, chocolate fudge cake and some bread sticks with oil and vinegar.  Apparently he does not eat “green things”;  Minyoung ate a cheese pizza and lemonade, and a bit of the salad though he said it was too sour.

We simply could not stop talking about the video game Colin had shown us on Friday (LEGO Universe), and which Gabriel had gotten as well.  And then we came back home for more work.   We started to build the models with two motors, and finished the base in the evening.  We will test the rover out tomorrow.

Note from the Coach:  All the kids are very enthusiastic about going into space and meeting aliens, including green ones. But they all remain very apprehensive about the green stuff on their lunch plates and run for cover every time they see a vegetable.