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Stardate 2011.06.05

posted Jun 29, 2011, 5:36 PM by Anant Narayanan

Our second meeting!

Colin and Minyoung came for the first time.  Rohit, Jacqueline and Gabriel were also there.  Mrs. Jaratt led the discussion.  Mr. Narayanan videotaped the discussion.  We began by discussing what makes a GLXP team good, from the sponsor’s point of view.  We went on to talk about several other topics, some to the point (like the four factors), and some not to the point (like shooting at the moon).

We decided to go visit the National Air and Space Museum soon.  Each of the team members agreed to review a group of GLXP teams with their parents and help prepare a PowerPoint summary.

We ended the day’s videotaping by practicing our moonwalk (in the style of Neil Armstrong, not Michael Jackson).  We stopped when people started walking like Egyptians, medieval kings, ninjas, rock stars, dinosaurs and zombies.

One of the team parents later picked up some NASA astronaut suits from the Udvar Hazy Annex to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.