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***Final Update ***  MRI's Pi In the Sky Team wins the Globetrotters Award in the 2011 Moonbots competition "for going cross-continental with their outreach and enthusiasm."  Read more here.

The 2011 Moonbots competition is now officially closed!

Our thanks to the X Prize Foundation, Google Corporation, The LEGO Group, Wired magazine, GeekDad and GeekMom, the FIRST Foundation and the Moonbots Administrators for their generosity and patience.  We also want to acknowledge and thank all our supporters and the robotics community for their encouragement and support throughout the season.
MRI's Pi In The Sky Team reached the final round of the 2011 Google-LEGO Moonbots 2.0 competition.  We are thrilled at this achievement.  You can find the MRI Press Release here.

The Moonbots competition is a two-part competition to promote the Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP) that also seeks to inspire children 9-17 to explore scientific/technological interests.  
The Moonbots competition is held in two phases.  In Phase I, which is open to all entrants, teams (of no more than 5 children) create a video essay discussing one of four specified questions and submit a 1-page Robot Design Funding Proposal.  You can see the Pi In The Sky Video Essay on YouTube here.  
In Phase II, the top-20 teams from Phase I build a rover to fulfill specified missions on a simulated lunar terrain, prepare a CAD model of their rover, publish a Blog and craft an Outreach Project. You can learn more about the Moonbots competition on the Official Moonbots Website or get an overview from our Rules page (at left).

Read the Blog for the latest news about the MRI team, including our galaxy-wide Outreach Project.  Pi In the Sky Team members held a variety of Outreach Events over the past two weeks, including:

·         A visit to the ISRO Satellite Center in Bangalore to learn about satellites first hand and to encourage ISRO to build a child-friendly web portal that educates children about satellites and space

·         A presentation to about 250 fifth and sixth grade students at the Kendriya Vidyalaya School in Chennai, India to encourage them to learn robotics and participate in robotics competitions.  Attendees have been invited to participate in an essay contest.

·         A presentation to hundreds of attendees at the 2011 BrickFair near Washington DC (the largest annual meeting of LEGO enthusiasts) to introduce them to LEGO robotics and to tell them about the Moonbots Competition.  Steve Canvin was in attendance! 

·         A presentation to about 50 sixth-eighth grade students at the Vana Vani School in Chennai, India to give them an overview of contemporary world robotics competitions, and to encourage their participation in next year's Moonbots or FLL competitions.  Attendees have been invited to participate in an essay contest.

You can find more about these events on our Blog.  You can find Outreach Essays here.

See below for pictures of the Pi In The Sky Team rover, called 3.14.  Click on the image to be taken to the Picasa Slide Show with captions.

Pi Team Rover and Competition Board Setup

In the midst of the Phase II work, The Pi In The Sky team dressed up in their orange NASA jumpsuits and got their pictures taken at the Potomac School (which Rohit attends) and the Churchill Road School (whcih Gabriel and Minyoung attend).

Phase II Team Pictures - Churchill Road School & The Potomac School

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